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A Home Energy Audit or "Assessment" is an important first step toward saving money and energy.
It's a combination of determining current home energy consumption and performance - with additional analysis, based on individual lifestyle and habits.

Auditors and Raters can provide valuable information about:

  • Diagnosis of all components within the home
  • Recommended specific energy efficient upgrades
  • Cost, payback and how much the upgrades would save on energy
  • Providing a Home Energy Rating (Raters)
The Home Energy Auditor can identify which areas would result in the greatest potential savings and then create a work package tailored to the unique issues within the existing home.
The Energy Audit (or assessment) will provide recommendations, specific to your particular home and lifestyle, so you can make up your own mind and not spend dollars on certain energy upgrades which may not fit your immediate budget.

Home Energy Ratings provide performance guidelines regarding the home’s overall energy consumption, based on home design and system analysis (new construction). The Home Energy Rating is a recognized tool necessary to support some lending decisions, in addition to meeting specific environmental and energy consumption standards (HERS index).

In summary, by using a Home Energy Auditor and Rater's services, the home owner can reduce their monthly energy bills, while creating a more valuable, comfortable and healthier green home.

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